Monday, March 2, 2015

The Accidental Graphic Designer

Eons ago, I barely passed my graphic design module... which was a good thing or else I wouldn't have known about making books. Eons later, we have this! 

Ok, I better back track, there have been several years missing in this blog. I'll try to fill in the blanks... Somehow... Lets just talk about the current!

Day job has been interesting. I'm now under Public Relations and Marketing for the organization I'm in.  And it had undergone transformation and we are responsible in uplifting the image. Initially we have or had our own graphic designer but, there were challenges involved. And then, this work came up! Was brain storming with the director about something else one day, I needed to understand what was knocking around in his head, and what happened after resulted in me coming up with this:

Isn't it cute!! First time ever I would say a flyer be cute, hah! I like that it's compact when folded and opens up big.

 Initially I wanted to arrange the course titles into a star burst. Then I realised its going to be a tight squeeze. I like the circle concept, the programmes are circling around the 'parent'.

 On the reverse showed helpful general information. How I got to this concept was map folding the circles. And that's how the squares came about. It was and wasn't a linear process.

To keep in line with the parent, each campus open days have similar design, to echo the the squares in the general info. Below are a three of the seven campus we have.

Same info, dates, courses thats running in each campus for all seven.

My style is pretty clean, not fussy. All text. I also used parts of the campus logo as decorative elements to add interest and fill in the too blank space just to balance and add individuality. The higher uppers liked it. It's different to the usual flyers / posters design that government bodies produced. Enjoyed the work, of course, with information you'll be sharing with the public involved repeated edits.

From concepts to design, to production to dissemination. Mass produced work!


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