Monday, May 4, 2015

Secret Belgian: Star Trek

Resistance is futile! Borg Picard
Resistance is futile! Before I got married, all those years ago. There were talks about the secret belgian binding. There were no tutorials online available then. And I felt it was that one binding that will be elusive to me. Until, when I decided to put my arty crown back on after hanging it up, and finding inspiration via Instagram after learning how to use it. I kept on seeing the secret belgian bound books everywhere. Everywhere! Surely it can't be hard.

Itching to try but needing to find, googled for instructions and abundance! Well, needless to say my first one wasn't that fantastic looking. I just used whatever boards that was handy. But it was good enough for me to make.

It was easy! (So say the person who figured out most things)

My Secret Belgian Star Trek Book:
This was an upcycle book, the covers were made from adverts in a pop culture magazine. And the cover looked almost seamless image wise. I also quite like how the top stitching looked like its part of the forehead of borg Picard. The end sheet not pictured also had images of Captain Jean Luc Picard. All in all, extremely pleased with it.


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