Friday, July 31, 2015

The Come Back Pop Up Event @ Mabohai Shopping Complex

 Right after feeling all invigorated after my bookbinding weekend, I thought ok, gears are turning, lets go. And drum roll please! Pop up event! In one of the fancy shopping malls in Brunei.

And with me, my partner in crime. And the creator of the mini books. I taught her all the bindings I know and she ran away with it and created minis! So adorable I tell you. Follow her on IG @from_chloes_garden.

She was the mastermind of creating our display. All that woodwork came from her. Mini books needed mini shelves. And big books needed proper display stand. She was awesome.

 Some of my big books, hello lovelies! All but one is left shown in this photo. So so happy! Reception was  great, people came and bought books of all sizes. Bookbinding tools were bought We were only around for two days and it was a good enough experience considering it was our first after so so long. People actually asked if we'll be around longer! Maybe next time, thank you for asking :)

And we had workshops running as well! First time in public, it was great! They came, made books, and stayed all day and made more books! We had such a great time, even Mabohai management came and hung out with us throughout the day.

It was a great experience, and we hope good things come up because of it :)

Thank you to those that came, looked, bought, and did the workshops. Thank you to Mabohai Shopping Complex management for having us. Thank you to my awesome partner in crime / cousin.

Time to restock and make more books!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Coptic and Kettle bound books

A combination I've been wanting to try. Rainbow sections with rainbow binding. The exposed spine works great for this. Combined with black textured cover it complimented the rainbows awesomely!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Crunchy Nut

I like upcycling. I sometimes get a guilt complex with groceries, bizarre. I know. Great graphics! 'Pop' corn flakes culture! Too thick to wrap, and too thin to use on its own. Until I doubled them over, it gives enough thickness and with this binding method its works well!

So far 'crunchy nut' books are totally upcycled including the paper used for signatures. They were single sided printed office papers. Useless for office, great for me! I thought its wasteful to just throw out paper when the other side is still perfectly useable.

I like using these, so much fun turning up at a corporate meeting and taking this out. Makes meeting a bit more relaxed. I'm eccentric that way.


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