Monday, October 5, 2015

The Day I Got Introduced To Washi Tapes....

Coptic bound books with washi tape spine
I blame it on my cousin... She texted me one day saying we just signed up for a washi workshop. I was like, eh? Ok. Feeling open to the idea, always good to be a student. The best thing was, we get unlimited use of the washi that was available duration of the workshop. And we were encouraged to bring our own things to washi. Naturally I brought along three sets of book blocks, plan on washi-ing the spine.

 Sigh.... by end of workshop, I bought 15 rolls of washi tapes and well, needless to say, my coptic bound books have never been the same.

 The only thing I'm having a hard time with is trying to match my washi to my covers. And that chuck me into another dilemma, do I get more pretty paper to match my washi???

Instead, Im trying this route, use my cousin's washi collection to mix with mine to create more combination which hopefully will match the pretty paper I got at home waiting to be used up! Hehehe...

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