Thursday, January 31, 2008

Current Addictions

Making Books

I got several projects all lined up as well as spur of the moments stuff that are just as important. I got two artist books that needs to be ready before V day and that's not including commissions I have to do on top of that.

Very tempting to take leave so I can stay in my studio and cut, fold, stick, sew, all day. I have no reason to go anywhere (maybe Singapore to pick up dive gear). It's a sign when I start bringing my books to work to bind in between everything else I have to do. And lunch time I'll head home happily trying to squeeze in two hours of studio time (more or less enough to make one book cover from scratch). But I can't take leave cos I only have a week left to last me until my next batch and it won't be anytime soon, must conserve

Kiwi Fruits

Ripe fragrant kiwi fruits... just peel off skin... savour sweetness... yummm...

Disc World

I just finished reading the Terry Pratchett novels I bought last November. It was my car book (a book I leave in the car solely for the purpose of filing in time when I'm waiting in the car or some other place for a reason or another) I always love the Disc World series he got running and I wish I got all the books, even if it is second hand I don't mind at all as long as I get to reread the stories. They're fun silly reading I enjoy. Been reading it since I was 15. Man... favourite story lines got Death, The Watch and anything to do with Ankh Morpork!


Not getting enough of. How did my significant other put it, "if it's productive baik jua". Basically I can't stay up for no reason, eg trawling the net. If it's because I'm finishing off an art piece its allowable, chatting with his sister in Germany at 2 in the morning, "NO"

Arty & Crafty Blog Sites

Ever since I set up a blogspot account I've been reading other artist, artisan and crafters blogs. If I like em, I'd read them until their very first entry, and some of these guys agot really long entries. You never know what cool ideas they have and looking at all the wonderful stuff they've done and wonder where they get the time to do all that. I have a feeling that's where I'm getting my domesticated-ness from (my interest in wanting a sewing machine, how to knit and patchwork). All those pretty things that they've made, so cool!

And I joined a Book Arts Forum. Never joined a forum before but it's like a duck to water. I found a community and we all love making books! Can't wait to be in my first swap and I'm trying to participate on the weekly book challenge and I kept on missing the deadline, bummer. Not to worry, will get myself into the groove eventually.

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  1. Oh, I love the Discworld series too, it's so much fun. I've only read 4 or 5. Mort is my favorite so far-you're right about Death getting the best story lines :o)


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