Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Buku Hantaran: Pink & White

I happen to have a spare if anyone is interested for that special engagement. It's A5 in size, 16cm by 22cm. Perfect for anniversaries (a friend had one and she wrote out the lyrics to 'their song' and placed it in the folder to give to her husband for one of their wedding anniversary, he was floored!) or that special photo...

It got pink tassels in the corners just because... More details and pictures can be found here.

Update (3rd December 2011) The folder is finally going to make it's debut tomorrow, a buyer came over to have a look and immediately fell in love and went home with it to be used for the first function of 'bersuruh' and few weeks later for the engagement function.


  1. any more of these coming?

  2. All depends on what you are looking for, they're made to order, if there happen to be any available means the person who ordered it stood me up.


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