Friday, January 8, 2010

Buku Hantaran: Tuyy's Flowers

I got an email one day with an attachment that says, "I want something that looks like this, with this and this. Is that possible?" I took one look at the picture and go, no problem.

The attached picture in the email

I thought it'll be easy to find a print like that, it was all the rage, notice 'was'. The closest thing I could find was a silver backed and the pattern outlined in flock. Would the client go for it I wondered and emailed her. Fortunately for me she said yes. Fantastic!

Next was the flower, I must admit between the time when I first saw the picture to making the actual thing was a couple of months, and now when I look at the picture I didn't realise it wasn't the same type. The flowers got a lot of compliments though because they came shopping with me the whole day, so that was a good sign.

She also wanted their names in the window, which I decided to turn it inside out to simplify the creation process and it allows me to create a non tying fastening by using velcro instead, I've been wanting to do that. There were some bits which I thought of then forgotten and only realised after everything was stuck down but it's ok, only I noticed.

And after all that, I came up with this.

I had a bit of a challenge with making sure the flowers stay. At first there was only suppose to be one flower, but the bottom corner looked too bare and I figured each name must have a flower hence why there're two. Then I thought it looked too full but went with it anyway.

More pictures of the folder can be found here.

Verdict: She totally loved it! Oh I was glad. I received an email from her that had lots of hearts in it. How lovely was that. I hope you had a great moment on your engagement day Tuyy!


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