Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Engagement Folders (Buku Permintaan)

You got that right, it's folder with an S.

When I got engaged several months back, I was in a dilemma... and a bit stressed. More along the line of what my folder is going to look like than anything else (everything else was great) my folder was nonexistent until the nth hour. 

After all these times of making custom orders for other peoples' engagements I was stuck with mine! I didn't know what colour scheme I was going to do. I didn't how I was going to design it. Most important was the colour scheme, it wasn't until the week of the engagement function did I finally decide on the colour scheme, more along the line of the fiance decided on the colour scheme, I just ran with it.

Option A was a bit ostentatious for me, I was just trying to make the feathers work because I already bought them. I thought it'll be something different. 

Option B is more classic. More me, but of course this was THE function wasn't it.

In the end, on the day itself, I asked the family, and they chose option....

Which one would you have chosen?


  1. Option B is gorgeous. Option A I feel, not yet? I don't know what that means tho. :)


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