Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Buku Hantaran: Brown & Gold

Sigh... Card... sheesh.... Anyway!

The golden brown buku permintaan. A colour which I have never used before and not in my stock so it was an interesting challenge. I told the client we're going for elegant and classic. It was a last minute order and fortunately I did not have anything on my plate and I was able to do it. Call came in Tuesday morning and it was for the Sunday. That left me with not alot of days to come up with this, especially when I aimed for a Friday delivery.

Thankfully, when I was putting this together, it was like as if I was meant to. There was no hitch, no frustrating moments, everything was cooperating, from having to shop for the stuff right after receiving the order, to cutting up the hard boards down to the sizes required, gluing the different types of delicate materials (no glue marks, yay!) the embellishments, and it was almost too good to be true until the finishing touch, I needed to get the right ribbons and I couldn't find the right shade of gold any where! But, it was a good thing because the one I chose in the end pulled the whole thing together and finished the ends off with more gold. The folder can accommodate her A4 'permintaan' list with room to spare.

It came out perfect. It also reminded me of old world India, where everything was rich, luxurious and decadent. Well, that was the feel I got when I stepped back to admire it after getting its final quality check.

The client wasn't able to pick up the folder any earlier and was only able to do it on Saturday evening, a relief for both of us that she loved it. One less she'd have to worry about for her engagement day, and I have another happy customer. I can understand her being busy during that time with her engagement preparation, because I'm experiencing the same thing now.

I need to start making my buku permintaan :-p

More pictures of the folder can be found here.


  1. Hi again. Can I call u Kak Rozi? I think it's appropriate & much more polite. But if you don't want to I understand that. It just I can never get enough of your art. You are really inspire me :)

  2. Excellent posting!!! Pretty card! Have a nice day.

  3. Maya: If I'm older than you, sure. I have no problem with that ;-) you're welcome. Datang rajin, rajin berabis ;-p

    David: Thanks... I think, heh...

  4. Hehehe Thanks so much Kak ;) well im in my late 20's, I think you're in early 30's, am I right? Hehehe datang rajin berabis huh?? To where?? You house?? *kes buat2 inda faham* hehehe :D


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