Sunday, March 9, 2008

Buku Hantaran: Bronze & Purple

Sorry for the no update. I was royally sick with the flu. Last time I remembered being laid up in bed with a burning fever and runny nose and a hacking cough was twelve years ago, my first winter studying overseas. I remembered losing my voice and being prescribed antibiotics and had to take it for two weeks.

This time I got prescribed with five different types of meds, and was in the A&E for three hours waiting to see the doctor on a Sunday at ten at night. The ironic part was the day before, Saturday, I brought the boyfriend to the A&E to see the doctor cos he was down with the flu. And the next day he was the one bringing me.

I also had a wedding order to do the week of being sick. Whenever I felt fine enough to stand for a bit, I worked a bit. So this dowry folder* was done in between me lying down a lot. Good thing the client wanted it simple. Only I wasn't sure how to work bronze and purple together, and she likes ribbons, so, I ended up with this.

I have lots of different shades of purple ribbons now. There're about six different colours in four different widths of ribbons. I'm liking these mixing up of ribbons...

*Dowry Folder... I figured a quick explanation would be helpful for the non South East Asian readers, in my culture, one of the thing prior to the actual wedding is that the soon to be bride gets a bunch of stuff she asks from the soon to be groom. And people always try to be innovative on how the list gets given from bride side to the family, to the groom side of the family, I remembered a bamboo was involved one time... Last year I was asked to make a folder for such list and I've been making the dowry folder or 'buku permintaan' ever since. I like to make mine as personalised to them as possible cos I envisioned these folders to have other lives, picture frame or something :-p

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