Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Buku Hantaran: Deep Purple

Close up of name plate with pink and purple heart shape gems around the names

I got this really nice email from Nadhirah regarding her order, and she sounded really sweet too. All she wanted was the base colour to be deep purple and use whatever other colours that I see fit, and she wanted it to be clean and neat, no bows. 

I got this great plan of combining deep purple with banana green and cream, a fresh change from all the purple and pinks.

I used a particular type of silk to get the deep purple base colour, and then I spied the floral motif paper, hmmmm.... it'll look great against the purple...
 Two folders, interior and exterior

So, because I decided to use the floral paper as end sheets for the folder, I had to follow the colour scheme from the flowers. Pink. I could've gone with blue but I didn't have any blue flowers. It's ok. The folders came out great, the busy-ness of the paper contrasted nicely with the deep purple, minimalist flowers and sparkly gems, a nice balance.

I actually had issues with doing the names, plan A didn't work as to how I expected so back up plan B came into play. All in all, folders came out great.

More pictures can be seen here.

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