Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Wedding: Prologue

Officially I'm now a Mrs! But it still hadn't sank it...

Right now it's running around, getting stuff done. Still working too, my leave hadn't started yet, managed to move a huge chunk of workload. Got lots of pictures wedding preps and first wedding function last Sunday, can't wait to show them especially to my readers in the States and Europe, Brunei Malay wedding is just going to blow your mind. It's full of tradition and culture and my personal twist to where I could... the invitations, corsages for family members, decoration of the dowry, beading my veil...

More stories later but right now, THE dress is not yet done. As of this moment it's in pieces, they had to redo it. Am I panicking? I can't say. THE outfit for THE major function in a few days time is not done. My tailor is working miracles to get that dress done. Wicked bead work that's for sure. I was only able to have my first fitting yesterday, it made me wonder if this is how this normally happens (was asking people I know who went to the same tailor) I wish I could redo this part, but that was past. Concentration on what we can do now and hope for the best.

This weekend is packed with my wedding, I can't wait for next week to start! I love how Monday is going to start. Honeymoon? Heheheh... Gotta remember to charge up the camera and a waterproof casing...

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Just wish I am there to witness all your personal touches...
    can't wait to see the pics...
    hope someone will remember to record the behind the scene bits too...
    also the bits n pieces of wat makes a great memorable event...
    Congratulations again with lots of hugs & kisses from down under!

  2. I'll be thinking of you.
    May your day be full of blessings, and may you and your husband have a long and happy life together.

  3. OMG...Tahniah!!! Yeay!!! It's gonna be a blast(the wedding).

  4. Hehehe... Talking about your honeymoon... Must be include adventure ni!!! Hehehe my guess is scuba diving must be a part of the activities ;P hehehe.. siuukkkknyeee...

  5. Salam Rozi, Tahniah again.
    Semoga Allah memberkati kamu berdua dan melimpahkan berkat kepada kamu berdua.

    Doa Untuk Pengantin
    “ Dari setinggi dan seluas kasih sayangMu, Kau limpahkan rahmat jua keampunanMu kepada pengantin suami isteri. Berkatilah majlis yang diadakan dengan keberkatan dari permulaan hingga pengakhirnya. Sesungguhnya pertemuan ini adalah dengan izinMu, kurniakanlah keduanya ketenangan, kebahagiaan dan jiwa yang tabah menghadapi setiap dugaanMu. Mudah-mudahan perkongsian hidup yang dibina berkekalan hingga ke akhir usia dan kurniakanlah kepada mereka zuriat yang soleh dan solehah. Dengan taufik dan hidayahMu beruntunglah keduanya dalam kehidupan di dunia
    lebih-lebih lagi di akhirat “
    - Amin Ya Rabbal ‘Alamin -

    Salam Ukhwah


  6. going for reflexology i can stand on my feet again..hehehe...! Congratulations on your Nikah....and yes you are officially a MRS. Can I call you Mrs. Haslan now??? hehehhe

  7. Aamiinnn ... :)

    Congratulations dear. Wish you all the best! :) Hope to see your wedding pictures here among other things you've prepared for the big day :)So happy for you both!! *hugs*


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