Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tutorial: Invitation To Gift Card

There's nothing like being an aunt that makes arty and crafty stuff doesn't it. My niece was staying with us for a bit and during that time she had a birthday party to go to. My mom asked me to make a small card to go with the present and showed me the invite.

I could dig out stuff and make a card using what I have in the studio but why waste a perfectly good invite? The prints on it looks fun. Plus I'm big on recycling or repurposing. So...

We just need a small card right, and there is nothing what a craft knife, ruler, scissors and glue can't handle. Plus it's fun!

I just needed to stiffen the card up and used a scrap piece of art paper. I like the rainbow thing, thought of using it in the card. A pop up maybe...? Too ambitious? It is going to a three year old...

Hmmm, I'm quite attached to that rainbow, I think I'll keep it. Now what? Insides quite empty...

Still got some cool graphics left. Can't let those go to waste. Hehe...

Don't they just look so pretty in the card now. I'm keeping the rainbow, it's currently stuck on my wall...

On another note, I am currently researching on paper mache. Always knew the theory, but never really made it as far as I can recall.

I have to make a pinata for my nephew's birthday party. It has to look like Optimus Prime. Riiigghttt.... I can't figure out where to start. I'm trying to cheat here by finding a Prime head ready so I don't have to make it.

When you think about it, it is going to get all bashed up in the end... All that work...

Why couldn't he have chosen a dinosaur egg or something? That would've made a lot of sense, sorta like the eggs from Alien the movie. All the more reason why it should be bashed up!

Apparently the flour and water method doesn't work in this climate, it's to humid.

Wish me luck!


  1. Yes! Good Luck to you, Rozi!!

    An Optimus Prime pinata?! Why would the kids wanna bash the good guy? He is the good guy, right?
    Shouldn't it be the baddie that gets hit?! Suggest your nephew to have the Decepticons pinata instead
    ...don't know the leader's name...sorry, my knowledge on Transformers is kinda limited.
    Will need to refer to my dear son for further explanation...hahaha!

  2. I don't know, I do know his birthday cake is the bad guy ;-)

  3. I love your ideas. Very creative. I like the journals.


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