Sunday, March 14, 2010

Buku Hantaran: Effa's Bronze & Purple

When this folder was done, I thought she needed it this weekend, turned out I was early by two weeks! Even better, more time to do the others on the list.

Effa and I been emailing back and forth on this one, I lost count how many colour changes she went through. And this was just for her engagement, I can't imagine what she's going through for her wedding end of the year.

Heh, at one point, one of her colour theme was camouflage green. I was like, how the heck do I pretty-fy that? Fortunately it didn't stick. And blessedly it was settled on a bronze and purple theme.

Detailed close up of the lower left corner

I used up three different shades of purples for the roses, I lost count how many there are in total on the folder, probably over 50, and one of the shade I ran out of completely.

After I did the first corner on the lower left of the folder, I didn't want to overwhelm the folder and had to figure out how to fill up the rest of the corners to balance it out without fighting the heart lined roses in the center.

I like the placement of the organza bow right in the center of the heart. I'm always trying to find new placement for the bow, which also acts as the tie for the folder's double doors. I like putting in some sort of bow, just makes it so much more prettier!


When I first bought the ribbon it looked purple, a pale purple. There was nothing else available that would work with the bronze. When I attached them to the folder, I had a slight heart attack, it looked pink! Did I make a mistake somewhere? Do I go on? In the end I decided it was a very pale purple and it'll work, and it did. Bottom line, when my client came to pick it up, she was so happy she was speechless. She was the first client who didn't want to open up the folder for fear of spoiling the way the bow was tied. Lovely girl she was, so petite and adorable. We chatted a bit on where she's getting her wedding outfits done and all that and I enjoyed the time we had.

Effa, all the best to you and the future and may happiness be with you always! And yes, you can come to me to get your bow tied up pretty like again when it's time for you to use it for the day ;-)

Check out Effa's blog on their Journey to be Kanda & Dinda (husband & wife - old school malay way of saying)

More detailed photos of the folder can be found here.

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