I am away for an indefinite period of time, will not be able to take any orders for a while.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dust... dust... dust...

Hello out there....

Just dropping in for a quick bit, I have turned down quite a few jobs, because I just cannot commit the time for them. And I've been slowly donating crafty items to my daughter's kindergarten class, I figured the children will put them to good use at least.

Then someone asked me if I could... well, I never said yes. I didn't say no either. And they weren't too fazed with my pricing (It doesn't matter if you got the materials for me or not, you're still paying for my time, thank you for understanding) and since they have already placed their hopes in me making it, plus I think I better dust myself off as well. So it's an ok, will make it.

Colour themed as above, country garden here we come!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Buku Hantaran: Blue & Gold

The two folders showing the outer and inner of the folders
I received an email requesting for two folders, A5, royal blue and gold, personalized, maybe a bit of flowers, and if there are any blings only to 'lift' the look. Also a specific  request to have either a circular or oval window, whichever one is easiest she said.

I will tell you now I avoid using any other shapes that does not have straight lines for when it comes to windows because it takes ages to cut! But because she specifically requested for a circular shape I had to do it. A circle is way easier to cut than an oval, so circle it is.

I wasn't sure if I got the right shade of royal blue but it worked with the gold. I also had to figure out how to dress up the circular centre without it looking like a port hole or a large coin.

Close up of the personaliszed name plate
Also I used two different types of materials to give more depth with the gold. And strategically placing the crystal gems lifted up the overall look.

The personalized names I used Adobe Illustrator to help me out, as my attempt in hot stamping gold didn't work out so well. I think I might just use Illustrator for future personalized work now as I can have a wider variety in type face.

The client was very happy when she saw the finished folders and said, "It looks just like how I imagined it to be!" Phew, very happy to hear her say that.

Overall, it's slightly different to how I normally design these folders, but my work is always evolving and this is one of them.

For more photos of the folders click here.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Buku Hantaran: Red & White

Apologies for the quality of the pictures first of all, I was trying out a new location and there was just not enough light despite being right next to the windows, and by the time I decided to try else the camera battery went flat and I had to meet the client.

A simple red and white folder
This was a last minute order, I think I only had a few days to do this. The client was fortunate I was very free that week. I actually turned her down at first, when she said I can do the design any way how I decided alright I'll do it. She just wanted a red and white colour scheme.

The other reason why I turned down initially was because she wanted it personalised. I told her I can do the folder but not the name, what I can do is create the space where the personalised names can be included and she said yes to it.

The red interior contrasting against the white exterior
What I love about this folder is the simplicity and the brightness of the colours. I love how when you open up the folder you get hit with this striking red. You know, it had been a while when I made this folder I can't remember where I got the red I used to line the interior.

Interesting story, when I met the client, she was heavily pregnant, it wasn't until she explained that the folder was for her brother's engagement. She had been a fan and been waiting for a time when she could place an order as she said she only discovered me after she got married. I told her she was lucky I was willing to take the job because of the very short notice. She was nice and sweet, chatted a bit more and turned out she used to work with my sisters before she decided to retire.

I was very pleased with this folder, only difficulty I had was making sure the white stayed white! Apart from that, love it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Mas Kahwin: Maharani, Gold & Purple

Love how the gems catches the light

When I was asked to do a Maharani themed folder for a mas kahwin (dowery), I was not sure where to begin.  Google search didn't produce anything much and my other concern was do I make the folder specific to the amount it will contain, ie follow the size of the money.

360 individual blings, yes, I counted.

Fortunately the client was able to provide images that inspired her to choose the theme when I asked, just so I know what it was that attracted her to choose the theme and that I'm on the same page. What I saw was glitter, gold, opulent and paisley.

Oh no... 'Oh no' in the sense, 'Oh my god! I have to recreate that!' And I couldn't resist a challenge. At the same time I had to work on two other engagement folders as all three were due more or less around the same time.

I was lucky. I had this gorgeous glitter design paper and fortunately it had paisley as part of its patterns which I made sure I took the area that had them.

Normally I would make a folder from the inside out. But in this case after I had covered the front, I immediately worked on laying out the gems in various sizes and shapes to determined their placement to give me that maharani look. And when I was happy I started gluing them down. 

All 360 individual pieces.

One. By. One.

And this is working on an area that is slightly bigger than an A5. 16cm by 22cm to be exact. I was so glad the folder wasn't any bigger as this size alone took me several days just to glue down the gems.

It was one of those, 'I'm not doing this again' moment.

Strangely after I was done, I kind of missed it. Go figure.

Purple ribbon detail on gold tassel

I then realised why I left the interior last, my subconscious mind was already planning ahead without me realising, the tassels.

Had to debate whether to just use the purple tassels only for the door or do I also use the gold tassels. After putting the purple tassels in place, the folder was looking a bit 'bald' in a way, and gold tassels were put in. I used gold and purple ribbon to add interest to the tassels and to tie the gold and purple theme together.

Unfortunately, this was the only shot I had that showed the interior...

For the interior I used a royal purple satin with gold ribbons corners. Lovely contrast when the folder was half opened.

The client was suitably amazed when the folder was presented to her and she went home happy. I have no idea how the folder was used, I measured using the largest denomination note we have, lots of space surrounding it, and I wondered how they managed to fix the money in.

I kind of missed this folder, but it's ok. It was a nice end to the year as it was the last order for 2011. Let's see what sort of new challenges I'll be facing for this year... I wonder whether I should be saying that... It's like asking for it...

Happy New Year 2012!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Buku Hantaran: Green & Pink with Blings!

 This order came from a long time follower, she even wanted to join the book classes I conducted but due to circumstances she could not.

 And now finally, she's getting engaged! And naturally, she wants a folder of her own.

The first part of the request was blings! Lots and lots of blings. With light green and pink.

I have come to realise as much as I have the colours requested to start me off, I don't really know how the whole look will come together until I selected the base, and everything that goes along with it. In this case, I decided to go with the pink with white sakura print base, it had purple sakura too but that got hidden by the green and pink roses going on there. And the white sakura works well for the green heart gems I added on top.
Added more pink gems in heart and round shapes, and a darker shade of pink rhinestones. I used a large dark pink gem for the centerpiece as a highlight to all the pinks that is going around. The platform echoed the print that is happening on the inside of the folder.

Since I was already going with the sakura print outside, I decided to follow along for the inside, except it has a white base with pink sakura and green leaves. Just to add emphasis on the blings I put some on the inside covers too.
The folder came out pretty girly, and the client was very happy, and she's looking forward to her function that will happen beginning of the year so she can get the folder back for her to keep.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Colours: The Meaning of Combinations in Feng Shui...

I only just learned this, it was too good not to share, extracted from Lillian Too - Feng Shui Master, also a belated Christmas greetings to all my fellow readers and followers in blogland, craftsville and artisans..

Wow - I just love all the bright lights and vibrant colors at this time of year - it's so energizing and uplifting! I was thinking today that the colour combination of green and red that we see everywhere now usually suggests Christmas to most Westerners... but to the Chinese feng shui practitioner green and red is the best colour combination for generating fame luck, popularity and recognition.

Yes, green and red is a combination that means success... green strengthens red based on the productive cycle of the five elements... wood feeds fire with power and energy. So here's a tip you can use long after the Christmas season is over... to bring good fortune to the family and especially success that benefits the sons in the family use the combination of green and red in their rooms after they have passed the age of twelve years. 

Which red color is best? The most auspicious red colours to use are cinnabar red, New Year red and ox blood red. 

Now if you're after money and successful business deals then silver and purple are excellent colors to use... because the words silver and purple sound like ngan chee in Cantonese which means money. So this combination - purple with silver has very powerful connotations for wealth luck. In fact, purple alone is a powerful and very prosperous colour.

Colours are very effective irrespective of which feng shui method you use and can be used in your home according to the location of the sector being decorated or based on your individual kua number. If you don't know your kua number you can easily find it by going to and you'll find the kua calculator in the upper right corner of the screen. 

So... and a Happy New Year to one and all!!