Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Buku Hantaran: Gold, Cream and Elegant

This order came during the fasting month, she wanted gold and cream to fit her theme colours, I assume it's also for the wedding, that would be nice... she saw the emo one during Hari Raya. Well, you can't compare really, the style and colours are so different!

I knew I wanted the beautiful spiral pattern on either side with the soft floaty bow for a ribbon in the centre. But I was stumped on how to arranged the gem crystal flowers and hearts. After many attempts I decided that this is the one, normally I'd like the gems to be secured whole onto whatever I'm gluing, but this time around, it looked right for the ones in the center of the folder. I used a different glue (E6000) for that, it is known to be a very strong glue.

The client was very happy when she came over to pick it up. She was very excited seeing it, I'm glad. And to show how happy she was, she texted me again that evening to say how happy she was! See, used the word happy bazillion times in this sentence already.

I love seeing a happy client, makes everything so worth while.

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