Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Wedding: The Cake

Ta-Da! The wedding cake! It has three tiers, the top was lemon buttercream, middle was orange sponge, and the bottom layer was chocolate fudge. The cake was designed more with him in mind, hence the Superman topper and teddy bears all around. There were 99 red roses representing everlasting love and if you want to know who made it and more pictures go here... no surprises really who made it ;-D


  1. cool cake!
    me like the teddies... ^_^

  2. Love the cake...looks yummy too...

  3. it's gorgeous and fun! Sounds deelish too! :)

  4. hehehe it was a challenge to cut into bite size pieces tho huhuhu. Good thing we had lots of volunteers who were more than eager to wrap their fingers around a knife huhuhu. Is there anymore cake left?

  5. hi.. just for enquiry.. so ur desingning weddings album.. etc... u gt any shop or wat? cos m a photographer, looking forward for album designer.. can drop by my blog at http://hanshen184photo.blogspot.com

  6. Sen, Jac, Dre & Win: Thanks! I should put up pictures of my niece and cousins trying to cut up the cake, there were some funny shots. And yes Win got the last few pieces left...

    Mak: I design and make to order based on what the client wants and throw in my ideas into the mix and get a customised piece. I don't have a shop, I work from home and when not at day job. You're not the first photographer to ask, will check you out.

  7. Nyaman usul nya the cake. Caroline did a marvellous job. I love to cut cakes like this.. hehe i'm always the cake cutter specialist.

    It's quite easy to cut this kind of cakes(those with fondant). i remember during my fren's wedding... i have to go back to her place to cut the cake for her after i went home. Yummy eh...


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