Sunday, July 20, 2008

Buku Hantaran: Pretty Pink

Pretty pink ain't it... 100 flowers (more or less) individually glued down one at a time... Here's how they look together! Pink and girly and curly ribbons she asked. You got it.

I can't help but think I OD-ed on the curly ribbons part... Well, Rona was pretty happy when I delivered them to her. She got her siblings to carry one each cos they came with the instructions 'do-not-place-anything-on-top' cos don't want to flatten out the ribbons then it'll spoil the look of things. Rona got a bunch of other instructions as well, her function will be beginning of next month so gotta make sure they stay as pristine as possible up until then.

It was a bit sad letting them go, but I'm well happy that Rona loves them. That made it worth it.

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