Saturday, January 26, 2008

What Colour To Use...

I made this cover for a long stitch dos-a-dos. Unfortunately I can't seem to work out what would be a nice corresponding colour for the inner sections to bind the cover to... One side of the cover is black with gold and the other is white with gold, the paper came from India. The end sheet I used inside is red with embossed gold specks which I found. I want a colour that complements the whole thing. Any suggestions?


  1. hi there, rozi! i think an off-white or cream-tinted paper would do fine as it goes nicely with black, white and red as well as the gold anyway. Will add to the elegant touch, I guess. Hope to see more pictures when you're done!

  2. Thanks Astrid, I'll give that a go. WIll that try that out.


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