Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Princess

Like I said, I'm so loving this look at the moment such that I have already made another. This book is the first of the Princess series. Delivered today! It was an order with a request which when discussed further with the client the project was dubbed 'love book'. With that in mind, I was wondering how to interpret it. I sketched out various concepts and I over thought it again and I in a way I already knew what I was going to do in the first place anyway. Well... what was suppose to happen didn't happen and what happened are wonderful accidents. Isn't that great! My initial idea have grown by the time it manifested physically and it's always better than expected. So if I give you a proposal, it's just to reassure you ;-p

Don't you just love the colour combination. Beautiful white paper with blind embossed butterflies and ribbons I picked up while in Singapore... damn, two years ago! I kept it all these while waiting for the perfect project. And the pink paper is blind embossed as well. The ribbons I used three different width in five different colours. And on the ends I stuck on hearts in complimentary colours. And of course, pearlescent(?) pink end paper.

Darn, couldn't seem to get the colours right in this shot, nevermind. I just wanted to show the top view. Either way, I'm loving the look.

Love it love it love it!


  1. Sharing of the Journal

    First Page:

    To Jam Jam

    Write in your dreams, wishes, intentions HERE!


    Second Page:

    Thank You, Rozi (Love)
    It's great to have this journal on my hand.
    You call this as Princess.
    I name it as Love Journal.
    I will write all my thoughts of my LOVE story here.

    I really feel I'm in love....
    Cant get my eyes out of this book.
    Wondering how long it takes me to finish up writing.

    For sure I will keep it forever.

  2. In addition, it would be so nice to order photo album or journal from you as a present for my beloved one ....wowowowo that's good idea!!!

  3. Anytime Jam Jam ;-)

    Can't wait to see how the book evolved.

  4. Rozi, this is so beautiful!!
    Love it...and the name of the series is so appropriate!
    Absolutely loving it!


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