Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Artist Book Preview

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Here's a sneak peek to the valentine artist book I wanted to make for my significant other. This is my first star book having never made this structure before... I sewed the three layers together using the three hole binding instead of gluing, like they do with the ones I've seen when I did research for the book. I used craft punches in shapes of stars, hearts and teddy bears to cut out the shapes to stick onto the white windows. White on white looks so chic. The black layer had heart shaped cut outs, a total of six pairs of hearts.

After this shot was taken, added on the covers and pop up hearts placed in the center of each section. As I was gluing the last pop up component his car pulled up to take me out for dinner. I didn't get the chance to take pictures of the finished book, so wrapped it up and gave it to him over dinner. My lovely guy said that he will take pictures and we'll just have to wait for those... I got a dozen red roses from him :-) Thank you Sweetie, they are most lovely xoxoxo

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