Saturday, March 22, 2008


My notebook, for the... what was it, third... forth... time ever since I owned it, the adaptor gone kaput. Again. Again! And I only had it changed just last month! I'll get around to taking it to the shops eventually to get a replacement... whenever that'll be...

So in the mean time, no pictures of stuff I've been making cos I always photoshop the pictures to get the colour balance right and edit and crop and etc and etc.

Also means I can't get access to my Illustrator software, always handy to have. I got a birthday present idea to do soonish, guess I would have to get that new adaptor soon.

Made a whole bunch of stripy purple and pink small journals, been trying to use up all the pinks and purples in the studio. Already sold one off, less than 5 minutes after I finished binding it, no kidding. I still got a stack of sections to bind into covers I haven't made yet. I want to get them out of the way and clear up some table space.

Still got several standing orders to do. And I recieved another one few days ago. Client likes those thai handmade paper with the dried flowers which I got a stack off, a good opportunity to use them up. Lets see, off the top of my head, one custom, a wedding order, a money journal, and an album. I like to finish them all before I go on my trip next month.

Trip next month to buy scuba diving gear! Yay! It will actually be a non art supply trip cos of the resolve this year, spend less and use up content in studio.

Sweetie's sister came back from Berlin few days ago and she brought back a bunch of art supplies for me! So cool! Oh yeah, need to make journal sketch books for her too. The materials and buttons she bought are soo cute which I'm going to use for the covers. With the amount she bought I think I could make two large books and a small one, maybe, not too sure yet.

I got commissioned to do 5 paintings for my brother for his house. He's adding on an extension and new wall spaces to hang art on. Fantastic!

I finally decided to take up a personal trainer, I've been recording my workouts and food intake every day. I'm only a week into it so far... and I've already lost half an inch on my waist and hips :-p

Art night tonight at Canopy, attempting to do the Catapillar binding. Have never done it.

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