Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Experimental Wrap

I love the bold design on this material that I just had to use it to see how it would work as a book cover. Fortunately I have sections ready that needs a cover. So... if you squint just right the pink and purple sections are picking up colours in the flowers on the material *grin* Also I was experimenting for a hard cover book with a wrap around as well as figuring out how to attach the ribbon ties to the cover. And where to attach the ribbon ties, cos for all I know you might like the covers to go from left to right or right to left. Hence it's on the spine.

So, this is just an experiment, I think I'll do another one this time with plain white sections, it might make more of an impact. I might go for yellow too... I'll just make several... Also need to modify the cover... The long stitch binding works well, so that can stay. Right then. Next project.

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