Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Golden Drops

I'm not sure how practical writing in this one, I just like it, hehe... Each one of those drops were stitched down using fishing wire, or was it invisible thread... I can't remember which now... But yeah, imagine owning this, wouldn't it be fantastic :-p I'm amazed with what I've been keeping in the studio. Slowly I'm going through them and using them up. I also love the paper. First time I used it was three years ago. Don't have a lot left now of this particular colour. Yes! Soon it will be all used up!

The end paper of the cover got two types, the white flowers is a Japanese wrapping paper, and the other is this nice veiny paper, subtle tactile quality which I quite like. I find that touch is very important, I like my books to be able to 'speak' to you as you hold them.

This book is about A5 in size with simple binding at the head and tail of the book (top and bottom to the non book speakers) and yes it's for sale if anybody is interested in purchasing.

You don't want to come shopping with me for paper. I take ages deciding on which one to get cos I have to feel every single one of them. When I was in London studying, there's a place called Paperchase, the top floor housed all these gorgeous paper from the thin transparent to the thick and robust from various countries, various tactile qualities, oh it was heaven for me. Now that it has been almost ten years I better use up all them paper...

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