Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grey & Tassel

The cover looks familar doesn't it. It's a lovely book this one. It is a coptic stich binding, meaning you can see the whole of the spine exposed and the only thing that's holding it together is the binding. Forgot to take pictures of that. Really solid binding this one. It used to bug the living daylights out of me in the beginning because it's so labour intensive. Not so bothered nowadays. I treat it like a zen meditation, you just zone out.

Also I had purple paper and a purple tassel that was just lying around. The cover I used is detailed enough already so kept the whole book simple. And the end paper for the inside, more purple. I like how I cut out one of the orchid and stuck it on the top left of the first page. Looks cool doesn't it.

Sorry about the picture quality, it was taken in a hurry. Only camera available then was the camera phone. The book is in Germany now.

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