Friday, May 23, 2008

Sections Waiting...

From the top layer: 5kg worth of weight plate, 3 of them, I don't know where my 4th one went to.

Next layer down: 'Paper Transformed' and 'The Penland Book of Handmade Books'. I picked these up the last time I was in Singapore. The Penland book I've been eying for almost a year to the date I bought it. Two books I gladly add to my library. The books I'm using to sandwich odd sections.

Next two layers from bottom: White and ivory (says the packaging) sections. Folded length ways and short ways. So the next batch of books I'm making are going to have these as their sections unless otherwise.

Just waiting for the sections to lay all nice and flat now so it'll be easier to cut uniformly and when bound into the cover the book won't spring open.

In the mean time, I got a whole bunch of stuff to iron out as their covers. Need to colour match as well, see which material will be complemented with the sections.

I got blue to fold next.


  1. Last nite i was dreaming i got 2 albums from you, u said u don have slip in album, only stick on, i said that's what i want! i tried to clear your stocks...hehehe then i happily stick on my korea, taiwan, aust, thailand photos hahaha

    So in real, do you have in stocks albums? not so costly one of course ;-p

  2. Waaaahhhh, loving that dream of yours. You must miss me! Hehehe...

    At present no I don't have any - yet!

    We'll talk about it when I see you so I can get the details :-)


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