Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dos-a-dos Embossed Green

This one is nice, used art paper for the single sections, so the individual pages are quite thick. I think this was made right after the blue snake skin, used the same binding method for the spine and added on some more on the cover to emphasize the flowers. I love embossed paper. I love embossed anything. I love embossing!

The end paper in the cover have that chain stitching detail on it. It's really nice when it's a large sheet. I think I'm down to the last sheet now. No, wait, just had a look, to the last half sheet. It's spread out on the table at the moment. Dos-a-dos books are always fun to make. They never stay long with me, someone always seems to want them. So, who's after this one?


  1. Hi! Rozi, Thanks for visiting my blog. And yep, you guessed it right. I'm in advertising. Keep in touch. You've an excellent blog here too! Love the books.

  2. Do you have plan to open a class how to make our own book? I would love to learn all this. :D


  3. I guess you should open store to sale off your books. It would be great. :D


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