Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Met Jim Lee!!!

I read and collect comic books and graphic novels, brilliant art and story lines, I prefer the latter cos the story is complete and it's all in one and I don't have to worry about missing issues. My other half reads what I call main stream where as I tend to go for the independents or stories that comes out from DC Vertigo line, eg Sandman.

A while back, ie last year, I had the opportunity to meet one of comic book royalty Jim Lee! He's one of the most prolific high profiled comic book illustrator. And just to prove it, here's the picture. The room was dim so the shot's not that fantastic but that's besides the point.

Not everyday you get to meet someone like him. And I got an autograph and a Batman sketch too! Woo hooo!! Made my day.

Last weekend, my significant other and I spent quite a bit of time at this book store in Jerudong called Reader's Haven and was talking with the owner, Edwin, about books, comics, how we met Jim Lee, hehe. We walked out with four graphic novels for him and four Pratchett books for me, yay!

Wonder if I get to meet Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett one of these days, my favourite writers...

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