Saturday, November 1, 2008

Currently Busy

Been in book making mode, I'm trying to build up on the numbers because on the last minute I found out there will be a fair and I just managed to book a table. I shall try to take some pictures of what I've made if I have the time. On average I'm doing three books a day, so far. It takes a bloody long time just to make a book, but it's well worth it to have the complete book in your hands.

Tried out doing some pen holders attached to book, not bad for a trial run. Shall have to improve on it, i.e accommodate for bigger pens. Made more blue books because people have been asking for blue and a couple of non girly books. I got three more books left to be made and then I'll start on making some stab books or albums. If I have time, I'll make some small christmas books. I can do all this providing I'm in my studio from now until wednesday, which is not very likely.

So for you curious folks, I'll be here:

BCL Festive Fayre
5th November 2008
Orchid Garden Hotel, Cesar Grand Hall
From 10am to 4pm
(Update: I just read in the papers it's $5 entrance fee, but it all goes to charity)

You might have seen the posters around Supasave, I haven't because I don't have the need to go anywhere near it.

I'm glad I'm sharing the table with a friend, she's going to be selling her crystals, so good vibes coming from that. I hope to have a good time, chat with the other sellers and customers, get good sales and generate interests in my books et al.

I need to get name cards done.

Oh, my engagement folder will be on display too as a sample, complete with list :-p


  1. hehe, i'll try to get those name cards done this weekend. XD

  2. Hai Ka! Hmm..So many to do this month huh? Maybe I'll drop by to see u there on d 5th Nov! ;)

  3. Lin: Yay! I'm getting name cards, one thing off my list.

    Maya: It'll be great, just make sure you introduce yourself cos I have a feeling I'm going to be very banggang on that day cos they'll be so many faces.

  4. Haha..Ur funny lah Ka! Okay sure I'll introduce myself..I'll shout your name from the moment I step my feet inside the ballroom hahaha XD

  5. Rozi, i wanna see the engagement folder and the list as well...hehehe... just to get an idea apa kan minta from my bf, God's Gift.
    I'm running out of idea...



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