Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Survived!

I was feeling so anxious about doing the fayre today that I couldn't sleep until 5.30 this morning. And I woke up 2 hours later to get ready. To cut things short, my anxiety fell away when I made my first sale, it was a white butterfly embossed mini album. It was pretty good that a third of the books I made were snatched up. The last book that was bought were a mini long stab book with oversized wings. Very fitting since it was the last book I made last night.

I met Pg from Pusat Eshan, she and I exchanged tips on where to shop for materials because SC was just shock horror. I haven't had a material discussion like that with anyone where we shared the same view, it was a great talk  :-)  I met Maya with her friend Liza, it was nice to have met them, we spent a long time talking as well. Maya was so happy she could see the actual books after looking at them on the blog. She even knew who made the name cards. That's a blog follower or what  ;-)  I felt like a celebrity  ;-P  My fiance even thrilled them by showing them pictures of the Valentines book I made for him. Talked to a lot of nice people today. 

I didn't have time to take pictures of the books I've sold off, so... there are no records of them. I'm trying to remember what books they were and sketch them down at least. We only took pictures in the afternoon, will post up eventually. My friend Elaine who shared the table with me had great business with her numerology reading. She had fun with those.

I only had time to walk around the hall to check out the rest of the sellers once, there were lots of lovely things. I love the Nappy Cake, I would love to give that for a baby shower. The dips I tried were yummy. Talked with the lady who did applique and her workmanship towards details were fantastic. I can relate the amount of care that goes into it. There were some really adorable pasta angels, paintings, hand made bags by friends were selling where 50% of the sales goes off to the Animal Shelter. There were lots of people selling crystals and semi precious stones. There were people selling Christmas cakes and goodies on the table next and opposite mine alone not to mention spread out throughout the hall. It was a good fair and considering it was a week day there was a good turn out. Imagine if it was a weekend, we'd probably be swamped.

I'm already planning on the next fayre only this time I must start stocking up early. It'll be very different, more structures, more fun! 

Aah, sleep is finally catching up, the body is shutting down, plus, I have an early flight to catch tomorrow, yay! Finally, holiday with Sweetie  :-D


  1. Hehehe..Yup you're a local celebrity!! Anyway forgot to congratulate you, on your engagement, Congratulations! :) May Allah Bless U2 :)

  2. Hi Rozi,

    I bought the lovely rose book yesterday meant for a present. I'd just like to tell you that you are one uber talented woman!! Your creations are fab :)

    Hope you've recovered from yesterday and have a good break.

  3. Maya: Thanks dear.

    Lina: Thank you, I hope the recipient likes it too, I'm really curious how they would use it. I think I'll make more of those, they're just so multipurpose in use.


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