Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cause And Effect, My Condolences

Left: Front runner Lee heading back towards a hash site in March

Because of one action, it causes a whole load of chain reaction. One of the ladies in my hash group had passed away this evening. She was a victim of a hit and run. Mrs Lee Jefford was riding her bicycle with a friend and fellow hasher when a red lexus hit and knocked her down. The driver of the car sped off leaving the scene. It happened in the morning. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where she was fighting for her life the second time, the first was battling against cancer I was told.

Her husband, her children, her parents, her friends are mourning for her loss. People who loved and cared for her, and those that she loved and cared for, snatched away without a chance to say goodbye. 

Lee was also a therapist, she was suppose to start therapy tomorrow with a friend's son, she could have helped him. It could have changed the boy's life and the family's life. But we won't know now would we.

I met Lee when I joined the ladies hash, she was one of the fast ones and would always be the first ones out at the sound of the horn and the first ones back still looking fresh as a daisy. My heart goes out to her and the family she left behind. May she rest in peace.


  1. Shessh! I am having goosebumps now! I first heard this on the radio yesterday. The only thing which came to my mind was the thoughtless driver. Hitting someone and fled the scene? Once the driver is caught, please, please do not tell me he/she is a Bruneian!

  2. Some of the hashers were telling me that they went to the scene of the accident and saw the tyre marks literally aiming for her. The lady who was cycling with Lee saw the car aiming straight for Lee and she flew off her bicycle, reportedly about 50 meters away from where she was hit. The poor lady is still in shock and traumatized from the ordeal.

    One of the lady hashers was retelling a story of how her 16 year old son went cycling around the same area and he stopped by the side of the road to take a drink. He heard the sound and looked back and saw a car aiming for him, it left the road and went onto the shoulder. The boy grabbed his bike and jumped over the side railing and a split second the car passed over the exact spot where he was standing earlier. He came home pale faced and told his mom he's never going cycling again. It happened last year.

    Yesterday's hash was a very solemn affair, we held a minute silence and some who were close friends with Lee cried their eyes out. The atmosphere was filled with sadness.

  3. When I heard about this in the radio, I felt sick! We rarely hear a hit-and-run here in Brunei and when this happened ... It's very sad.

    Condolence to you my dear.


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