Monday, April 20, 2009


We all like that word don't we. Oh yes we do! A couple of reasons why this is happening... One, the last time I had a give away was back in... December I think... and it's time for another one. Two, I missed my bloggerversary and this is to make up for it.

The Prizes

  • If you are living locally, you will be gifted a spot on the Beginners Book Making Class on the 3rd of May (furiously checking calendar for availability of dates, it's in the afternoon by the way) I know there is a bunch of you out there that had been emailing me inquiring about the classes, isn't this a good deal? You get to come and make a book, I get to meet you!

  • If you are living overseas, you'll receive one of my stab bound books. I've mailed several of those already so I know they're mailable. 

There you go, either a free class or a free book, depending on your geographical location.

How To Enter

  1. Leave a comment in the comment section 
  2. Must be a blog follower (I will check, click 'follow' in left column if you haven't) 
  3. Some way for me to contact you, either in your comment or a link to your email or blog
  4. One comment per person only
  5. A winner will be randomly picked out
  6. This will be open for comments until the 27th April
  7. I will announce the winners on the 28th April
This is so exciting, your fate will most probably be in Shazam!'s paws *lol*


  1. i want...i want...i want the art work!!!*thumb uop*

  2. I wantttttttt!! You know how to contact me :P *wondering if CL & Sugarush is two persons* hahahahahaa

  3. Shazam!, I promise you nice treats from Oz if u put ur paw for me :p

  4. I want none of the above!! Hahaha... I want to be your disciple, sifu! :P

  5. I believe the world is my playground, and I'll run around with my balloon, forever be daddy's little girl. uuhhh, I like that =D

    I'm here.

  6. I'm a Freelance Photographer and a Certified Make-up artist.. It would be amazing if i could also make a book. Photography, Make-ups and Book Making... All about ART... hehe

  7. wow...a giveaway...i love going through ur blog rozi..though i browse through it over n over again ur previous work which was posted in ur blog never fail to amaze me again n again...each book hold a story of their own once completed n bind...though i only haf one customized journal made by u i can't wait to order another once after dis journal is complete...with d journal i got from u i wrote dreams which inspires me...believe me ur work is really one of a is special

  8. Hello Rozi - Love your work, especially the pop-ups and the secret blue/green diary/book. (Shazam! - pssstt... there'll be a nice tin of tuna for you if you pick me)...

  9. I promise to blog again some day (being sick for a few weeks meant a LOT of other work piled up), but hi, and I like your happy books :) So please enter me!

  10. Fingers crossed...let it be me..let it be meee......!!!'re walking around in the ofice right now and I'm thinking..."Man, I miss Mushroom!!!" For those who know me quite well, Mushroom is my baby kitty cat who thought he was human....!

  11. Dang and Blast, and Girl With The Balloon! You've won!

    Contest is now closed.


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