Saturday, April 18, 2009

Images From Intermediate/Advance Album Classes

Now pay attention folks, this part is critical...

Drawing diagrams for better referencing for later.

Black pages are the way to go for old school albums.

Some of the many covers selection to choose from, all coordinated with matching ribbons and end sheets, rolled up in a basket.

Mini pin cushions waiting to be completed for students to choose from made by Wina.

Fiance in baby sitting mode, his mac is loaded with cartoons.

Our kitten Shazam! (yes, her name is spelt with an exclamation mark) taking a nap in one of the students bag.

A completed album by Kat, she did the basic class in the morning and stayed to do the album class in the afternoon.

My maxed out group, fortunately they enjoyed every bit of it.

The album that almost never was. You can't tell what happened can you, especially after extensive surgery was done to it. Mental note, be careful when using chiffon material as covers when there is a drill involved.

So, those were just a few shots of the happenings in album classes. I'm thinking of putting together the images of the foods that I've been serving up in classes. That's alot of pictures to shift through...


  1. love the Shazam! pic... u shd hav an album just for his bag snoozing moments! ^_^

  2. She doesn't really have that many yet :-)


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