Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lovely Long Stitch Books

Look look! I'm so excited! Look at these darling long stitch binding books! I've never seen so many in one go! Imagine having these up on your book shelf. Mine are the first six from the right, the rest were made by students of the second long stitch class I conducted. Aren't they fantastic. I like my paper to be anything but white when it comes to making books, there is just something warm about ivory coloured paper. And the two on the right got pink and blue pages. I have one more class this Sunday, and then I'm hanging up my teaching hat to concentrate on preparing for the wedding and after the wedding setting up our new home and my new studio! Woo hoo!

A possibility that by the time I'm settled and start classes again it will be the fasting month, any takers? Or should I just wait until after the fasting month is over?


  1. wow dats nice...i must make an effort to join in ur class one day...btw do u still do d dos-a-dos embossed book?

  2. wow... lawa... me like...
    i like ivory/cream colour pages to plain white for my journals so i know where u r coming from... :)
    when's puasa?

  3. I love how shiao ling tied ribbons around hers. Adds a girly touch to it. hahaha also loved how oscar wrote his name on the doughnut book and he was so proud of it too ...

  4. Haryanie: One day when you feel the urge to join. A dos-a-dos embossed book? Which one is that? I don't have any for the moment. I could do another but I can't say when that will happen.

    Sen: Somewhere in August, beginning second week I think cos Raya is somewhere like 8th sept.

    Win: She had to hide the fact her tension was slack. I know, Oscar was so cool when that happened. What I loved was how HL shrieked when she saw it, hahahahah...

  5. Rozi, achei seu blog em minhas pesquisas pela NET sobre encadernação. Sua arte é maravilhosa, meus parabéns.


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