Sunday, August 9, 2009

Books At Yoga

Talk about a hot and sweaty day, really humid and stifling. We were running around doing errands and to his parents place to pick up books I made that I gave to him and his sister so I could display them as well because I wanted to add variety to the books that I currently have... I'm only down to stab bound and long stitch, stopped production due to preparing for the wedding, will start up again soon.

I always like sharing table with Elaine, something about having crystals surrounding the books... I loved the stripy table cloth, forgot to ask Jac where she got it from.

You could see the yogis and yoginis in a middle of a movement in the background.

Settling themselves into a warrior pose...

I packed a sketch book and a pen and it has been a while when I actually did any figure drawings, so while they were doing all their poses I was trying to capture the various poses they were in. Unfortunately, my hand wasn't moving fast enough, but it was good practice. Showed it to Jac, she loved them, gave me an idea for something I could make for her...

If Jac is planning more of these kind of things, I must come up with yoga themed stuff, nicely tied in with the event. Yes, must do that... So many ideas, must find the time to execute.

Here's a link from Nick who was the photographer for the day. Check them out!


  1. Hey Rozi, really like your work a lot... very interested in knowing more about pricing and the kind of book cover you do...

  2. Hi Nick, thanks, just email me and let me know what you're looking for and I'll see what I can do.


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