Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Passing In The Family

Two deaths happened in the family recently. One of my aunt, who had been suffering from diabetes and both kidneys failed for a number of years already and was swiftly taken when she developed complications with her lungs. I remembered her well when the time I came over and my uncle was showing me how he would change the drainage bag that was attached to her abdomen to remove the used fluids to put in a new one and my aunt telling me that she can only have one mug of water to drink per day and nothing more. I didn't get a chance to see her one final time before she was covered up for burial, it took the whole of the morning to prepare her body before was finally taken to the cemetary for burial.

A week later, one of my uncle passed away, the cancer finally caught up to him. Went to his house for the wake, and started tearing up as I was saying goodbye to him when I looked in the casket. Every Eid he would come over to the house, never misses a year, always looked forward to his arrival. My DH and I went to the funeral mass and the church was packed, I cried when the service started and again when we were the last to view his body and hugged my aunt and cousins for their loss. We stayed until the casket was loaded up surrounded by all the wreaths that was given to head to the cemetary.

Both days of the funeral, it was clear and bright with blue skies.

The last I saw the both of them, during my wedding. That was the last that majority of us saw the both of them, alive and smiling, surrounded by family. My late aunt who was wheelchair bound for a number of years came for every single function for the wedding when before she would decline. My late uncle who was suppose to have flown off overseas for his treatment the morning of our wedding and changed his flight just so he could attend and be with family. They both probably knew their time was ending and made the effort to come. I appreciated that they did. It saddens me to think but at least they are both at peace, no more suffering from the physical pains of their bodies. I pray that they are in god's good grace, and I shall miss them as they were kind and good people.

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