Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rozi The Space Hero

This is so cool... ok, was just checking out the links of where people come from, I like to check out the ones that came from a search engine just to find out what word got googled that lead them to my blog. While on one of the track back at the end of the list was this link. And I just had to click on it and it took me to a blog entry. I love the fact that the hero got the same name and she's an art student! Apart from the alien spaceship how coincidental is that! Hehehe.

I do know that on the world wide web there are other Rozis who are also artists, checked them out before, quite a variety of styles, I have yet to come across a Rozi who is a sculpture though, most likely there is one somewhere out there... Oh, I also found a model with the same name. Her body is so fine, imagine looking like that, I'd probably walk around in a bikini, hahahah!


  1. :) I think you are indeed the captain of a giant robot spaceship in an alternate universe! Well done! Remember that creative energy is the key to make the spaceship run and watch out for the flying guinea-pigs!

  2. Woo hoo! Thanks Darren. You gave me an idea for an illustration I gotta try out. Looking forward to exploring the rest of your blog!

  3. That IS your story no?
    Have you tried the black roses yet? ;)

  4. 'Tis! 'Tis!
    No... not yet *going all red faced*


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