Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Is For You Sai

Was on msn with an old friend, Sai, who lives in Australia and she's feeling pissed (angry-as-hell mode, not the drunk-like-sh*t mode) lately with good reasons. So to put a smile on her face told her to have a look at the work in progress of 'Fat Fairy'. There's a theme running here whenever I start to illustrate funny things... fat cats, fat pigs, purple flying elephant who's also fat...

Here are the first two initial ideas that I have... notice the teeny tiny butterfly wings on the one on the right? Cute!

Here are the other two preliminary ideas that I had, I wanted FF to be a happy joyful soul...

And this is just me wondering what colours to use... I like how her torso is all boobs and skirt. But no wings, darn it.

So FF is still a work in progress, more sketches until I get a composition that I like. And when I start painting, I'd have to be listening to stand up comedies to infuse happiness into it. It's more fun to paint that way.


  1. I love it!! And don't forget fat hippos :P

  2. Thought I'd do a hippo in a tutu, then I realised I saw that in a disney movie, the magician's apprentice, I think... or was it that other one... heh...

  3. ka.. u use colour pencils to colour it ka? or oil pastels? im trying to figure out which type would give a smooth colouring.. any suggestions?

  4. I used pencils for this one, just a rough shading. If you're going to use pastels it need to be on a much larger scale so the detailing won't get lost.. But then again, I have used it on a small scale and worked into it to get the details. The main idea is in the end Nina is to experiment. You won't know until you try.

    I wonder if there is such thing as oil pastel pencils... would love to see that. Oil pastels give such vivid colours, Love using them, and they last such a long time too! What do you normally use Nina?


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