Saturday, September 19, 2009

Purple Bins

See this mess, remember a while back I had this to deal with. All my papers and anything that's rolled up. A mess I tell you, a mess!

Then one day, I saw these purple bins with lids. Ooooohhh, how cool is that I thought, because they normally come in black, red or blue. But this one is purple! Wondered whether it was tall enough for what I had in mind, I bought them anyway. Plus, it was a buy one get one free, and for two bins after currency conversion, each bin cost me about USD $5. That's a bargain right?

Turned out it wasn't tall enough as I hoped for but made it work anyway. And look, you can actually see the floor! The basket in front of the bins contained all the wrapping paper that our wedding presents came in, project waiting...

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