Monday, November 30, 2009

Am Not A Natural Crafter

My cousin Wina and I are part of the Ladies Hash here and we decided it would be great to make something to sell for Christmas at the hash to raise money for Animal Shelter Brunei (their site isn't updated often unfortunately). We announced at the weekly gathering and got busy making over the long weekend. I decided to concentrate on cards since I thought it was something I know well, where as Wina concentrated on making felt ornaments since needles and threads are her forte.

When I said I thought making cards were something I knew well was true. When the weekend came I got the blank cards ready all it needed were decoration. All of the sudden I was stuck. I was blank as to what to decorate it with. Felicity was over at that time and she was dishing out snowman cards and santa cards in no time, cut cut here, cut cut there, stick stick stick, voila! Hmmmm, not something I could do.... not something I can do without having to think long and hard and dissecting it down to it's components.

When Wina was over I was passing her instructions on the making and packaging of the glitter tealights she was doing while I was making my recycled flower cards. She already made her ornaments. We also discussed a bunch of other stuff that she could do with her skills. This weekend was when I realised doing crafts is really about experience. The reason why things seems to come naturally is because they have had experience in it. Felicity used to work in a kindy nursery school and she's also a manga artist, and Wina excelled in Home Ec when she was younger and working with fabric is no stranger to her.

My experience has always been with paper in some form. I know how to manipulate it through folding such as origami, and through paper engineering. Since I'm currently in my pop up phase, I decided to make pop up cards to sell, as well as my recycled flower cards, and the few 'crafty' mini wreaths just to finish off stock that has been hanging around in my studio for yonks, and whatever else I can come up with.

I decided to donate my time and skills to create to help raise money and that all the proceeds will go towards the shelter to help with their medical bills and vet fees, that reminds me, I have to go out and buy a couple of large bags of cat and dog food to donate too.

Pictures soon...


  1. I bought your little laurel wreaths and x'mas trees...they are gorgeous!!!!!!! Love it! :O)

  2. Oh cool! Thanks Jac, more stuff next week!


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