Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Last Trip...

Well... since I am at the end of my second trimester and we figured lets have a last trip out and spent almost a week in Singapore, we didn't go far, but different enough. Besides, it was great to meet up with friends who lived there.

Where's the pregnant belly?

We went during the Chinese New Year period, and this fantastic floral tiger was outside the hotel where we stayed, there was a pair of them. And every morning they'll take out the dying flowers and put in new ones.

We shopped alot... ate at great places... and looked at baby stuff, not that we got much, everything was too pastel for my taste, heh...

Me, Sweetie & Wei Wei

The one person we managed to catch up with a lot was Wei Wei, she's an old time friend from school days, we lost touch and I found her on facebook and learnt she works in Singapore. So every time I'm there I make a point to meet up with her and we always have a great time!

So this was us at a place called Bedrock, a bar and grill joint which got fantastic service and the food was great. We were lucky they got a table for us since we just walked in. Just don't mind the bill at the end.

We had a great time and it was a nice break for the both of us from the daily grind. Wonder how it'll be like when we go travelling with baby...


  1. Hehehehe... :) I'll be travelling with Baby Sarah by the end of the year! I wonder how it will be? :D take care Ka Rozi :)

  2. can't wait to see rozi junior! :D

  3. Maya: WIll she be walking by then? Ooooh, you're gonna get your hands full!

    Suzi: Well, you just have to for now ;-)

  4. You are looking very cute! Lets see some more preggie Rozi pics!


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