Monday, March 22, 2010

Second Batch of Twenty

The first batch took me about fifteen hours to make from start to finish. Started on a sunday morning and didn't finish until about two in the morning the following monday. Somewhere in there was the toilet breaks and feeding. I was surprised that I was able to make all twenty and finish them in that time, but at the same time realised it's not a good thing to do it all straight in one go, not fair to the darling husband because it made me snappy *sorry sweetie*.

waiting for the next step, holes!

So with the next batch, I took my time. These are the second batch of autograph books for an international school here, for them to give to their middle school students when they leave. They couldn't find suitable autograph books in the shops, mainly because of the covers, ie Ben Ten, Hello Kitty, very uncool with the teenagers.

All bound

But, with the amount of work for these particular style I thought I'd use, stab bound, initially I thought it'll be perfect for what they want and their budget. Until I realised the amount of work involved, and this thought kept on nagging at me while I was making them, the amount I'm getting is it worth the time and effort? So, I turned to the Book Arts Forum to ask the opinion of the experts. And the result, they all said I should be getting more for these particular books and gave me a different structure that will fit the budget better. Since for the second batch I already had the boards cut, figured I'll just use them up, and for the third batch of twenty they want, I'll be using a different binding structure.

I'm so glad the forum is around to help.


  1. je pense que vous réalisez des choses très raffinées... j'aime


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