Friday, May 14, 2010

Stab Bound...

There you go, 30 stab bound books. I never realised 30 books would make a pile that tall. Made them on and off, whenever I had the time. Wasn't going to do the do-them-in-one-sitting mistake again. Destination, Jerudong International School Brunei, sent and delivered this morning. Now I have another lot to do for their next school term in August. Not too sure if it'll still be stab bound though...


  1. Oohhh!! Way to go ka!! I bet your baby will be creative as you! :) Take care & your baby too! Anyway when is your due?

    Baby Sarah & Maya

  2. Beautiful! I still have the book I got from you on display at home :)

  3. Soon Maya, so says the doc :-p

    On display Marguerite? Wow, am honoured... how come you're not using it? ;-)


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