Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life Changing...

Meet Baby Dyanna (as in the princess) with daddy.
Born on the 12th June 2010, 3.35kg (about 7lbs), 55cm (22.5").
Normal Delivery.
13 minutes of pushing before she popped out!
All creative endeavours are currently on hold until further notice...
Mommy is currently recuperating.
(I never expected post birth was going to be like this physically, ack!).

My little angel :-)
Mommy love you very much!


  1. oh my.... is she smiling already?? heheheee so adorable!! :') congrats again you two. she has her mommy & daddy's look. lawa ehhh!!! :D

  2. oh, her little eyes! She looks so happy! Congratulations!

    (And, don't worry -- the only reason I haven't put anything in the book I got from you yet is that it's going to be for photos whenever we actually do anything!)

  3. Aww.. So cute!!! :D Dyanna Adorable! :D:D:D Congratulations Rozy and hubby!

  4. Dyanna is just the sweetes baby Rozi.
    how are things with you my friend? x

  5. Oh WOW! Rozi, she is absolutely beautiful. By far your best work! You can't improve on this!
    Congratulations, seeing this lovely picture has made my day. Enjoy every minute, they grow so very fast!

  6. She is isn't she Tina, although I suspect all babies gotta have that cute factor working for them. Am doing good, learning everyday with baby.

    Hahaha, thanks Doda. I know what you mean, I'm already putting away her newborn clothes cos she outgrew them already, and she's only 7 weeks old today.


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