Monday, June 14, 2010

Paper Anniversary

Today is our wedding anniversary! First anniversary. Paper. I think I got that right. Paper is so appropriate for us in so many ways. Our love for books. Graphics. Novels. Recycled. What he does - writer, what I do - creative visual artist... Maybe I should do projects based on the theme every year. I wonder what I'll be doing when I hit the metals like silver or gold, probably a sculpture. Ooh, imagine diamonds, what would I do then? It's a thought...

When we were dating a couple of years back, I kept all his phone text messages and one day typed them all out alternating with my text to him. I gave him the printed out copy and the file got lost as my machine crashed and didn't have time to make a back up file. To this day, he walks around with the print in a protective folder in his work bag.

Love you sweetie xoxoxo


  1. happy anniversary you two. you guys are so into each other :) congratulations on the new born baby girl too. it's the best gift on anniversary i must say :'D can't wait to see your picture as a family :'D *big hugsss*

  2. Aww... ur hubby is so sweet!!
    Me & My bf keep our text msgs too. he kept most of it, i deleted some hehe...

    Happy anniversary to u...and congrats on the newborn baby.

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary and the baby.

  4. thats so sweet.. hope all is good with you.. and you are out of confinement now?
    hows Boz?
    saw nelson twice this week.. he is awesome..
    glad were back..
    its been stressfull time.. too much to explain!!!

    lots love x


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