Monday, December 20, 2010

Guest Book: 1st Birthday

A first time mother (not me) got a wonderful idea to have a guest book for her daughter's first birthday party. When she asked me to make one I thought what a great idea, a memory keeper! I might just do the same thing when my baby turns one... after I figure out if we'll actually have a party or otherwise...

Anyway, the colour theme for the party is white and pink. I got other details like the little girl's name just in case I was able to incorporate it, you never know.

The guest book I had in mind was a concertina, for various reasons, one, it will fit all the greetings and wishes from the guests at the party, two, the mother could stick in photos of the party, and three, and stick in all the 1st birthday cards. With this in mind I made sure there was ample space. So, the structure was all sorted, next was the design for the covers.

It started off trying to decide which motif represent childhood more, the bunny or the teddy. As they were equally important I feel I decided to go with both.

Both motifs have a furry texture when touched and I kept the design to an outline with suggestions using the hearts and flowers. I added more flowers and satin hearts around the motifs. I wanted to get a childhood feel without the overall design ending up being kiddish, something that also appeals to the grown ups, and I believe I have succeeded.

And here's a classy take to the old teddy and bunny, and I just couldn't resist to add on more flowers on the ends of the ribbons that tie the guest book close because they just work so well and give a finished look to the ribbons.

There's a chance I might have finished up all my pink flowers already... have yet to take stock...

More images of the guest book click here. (Do let me know if the album isn't viewable)

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  1. Adorable comme toujours...
    Je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes à vous et à tous ceux que vous aimez...


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