Friday, June 24, 2011

Pop Up Greeting: Presents For The Inlaws

The SIL, FIL and MIL birthday presents for 2011

I'm trying to catch up on posts here...

What do you give for someone who has everything they need already? I don't want to get a present just because it's a present, I'm the kind of person who cares enough to puts effort and time into a gift. And I'm fortunate enough to have the talent, skill and experience to make these for the inlaws. I figured this was perfect, there was no picture of their first grandchild and niece in the house yet, and this way I can personalised each one to them. I had help from the SIL to get the pictures done for me, and she helped chose which print to use for the parents, I have already finished hers so she had no say, haha.

Gave their presents for the year early and belated during my daughter's first birthday celebration, and they are proudly displayed on the shelf. You know it's a compliment when people asked where did they buy them. Interestingly enough everybody liked the MIL one, it was the most tedious and simplest one to make. I thought of making more of those...

More pictures can be seen here.

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