Friday, July 20, 2012

Buku Hantaran: Blue & Gold

The two folders showing the outer and inner of the folders
I received an email requesting for two folders, A5, royal blue and gold, personalized, maybe a bit of flowers, and if there are any blings only to 'lift' the look. Also a specific  request to have either a circular or oval window, whichever one is easiest she said.

I will tell you now I avoid using any other shapes that does not have straight lines for when it comes to windows because it takes ages to cut! But because she specifically requested for a circular shape I had to do it. A circle is way easier to cut than an oval, so circle it is.

I wasn't sure if I got the right shade of royal blue but it worked with the gold. I also had to figure out how to dress up the circular centre without it looking like a port hole or a large coin.

Close up of the personaliszed name plate
Also I used two different types of materials to give more depth with the gold. And strategically placing the crystal gems lifted up the overall look.

The personalized names I used Adobe Illustrator to help me out, as my attempt in hot stamping gold didn't work out so well. I think I might just use Illustrator for future personalized work now as I can have a wider variety in type face.

The client was very happy when she saw the finished folders and said, "It looks just like how I imagined it to be!" Phew, very happy to hear her say that.

Overall, it's slightly different to how I normally design these folders, but my work is always evolving and this is one of them.

For more photos of the folders click here.


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