Sunday, June 14, 2015

I'm not alone!

I've been on this journey for a quite a while, and it got lonely. I know I got the internet to connect me all around the world. Sometimes it's just nice to physically hang out. There was no one else making books, or this kind of crafts here where I am. Also am in the need to review my skills and techniques. I wanted to be better. Better skills, better techniques, better quality to what I'm making. But where? 

"Why not hang out with scrapbookers?" Thats like comparing apples and oranges. They got some great techniques, and if I was interested I would've been doing scrap books a long time ago. Thanks, but no.

It was around the time I started learning how to use Instagram properly, its like google with hashtags. And I came across a Malaysian bookbinder. Oh my gawd! I'm not alone!! Seriously that was like a revelation. And on top of that I was in awe. Here was a bookbinder, malay, malaysian, and she was specializing in *gasp shock horror* SECRET BELGIAN BINDING! The one elusive binding which I tried to do all those years ago but couldn't because that time I was not able to comprehend the instructions available online.

Instagram as it was, leave a comment here and there, kinda sorta had a conversation. And she mentioned I should really be following her sensei. Really? Another? Malay, malaysian and a bookbinder?!? Needless to say I became a stalker. I stalked her IG, I read her whole blog. I wanted to be her! Our backgrounds were so similar, except she had tons more creative corporate experience under her belt, and now she's living the dream! I must meet her!

And workshop dates popped up. *gasp* Opportunity! Didn't think I'll be flying again but why not. Finally this was something I always wanted to do. Granted, the workshops were in bindings I already know how, but if its one thing I've learned in my previous 'adventure', you don't know what you don't know, and i might learn a new trick or two. And I've never experienced what its like to be a participant in a workshop, what better time? This was going to be awesome.

 I had the best weekend ever! For three days straight, I made books books and more books! I learned how to use certain tools, new techniques, filled in the blanks that's been missing. It was great! See those books? I made those! My memories.

And these girls here, its them! Hi! Love you all! Shasha whom I stayed with, I landed in the evening and straight to her home and half hour later I was in her room, looking at all the books she made, her tools, her studio, and her cupboard was inspiring, I've never seen so many handmade books before.

Asma, who started the whole ball rolling, if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have had this.

Syam! Little Syam is her brand. Google her up :) It was so good to talk to another fellow binder. I learned so much from her bookbinding and beyond. Her story. Her experience. It was a journey of all about building and building yourself. Have that belief. Keep doing. Follow your instincts. Hell, yeah that's what I'm doing now. And the french girl at the back, she met Syam on an off chance when Syam went back to her old education grounds looking for her bookbinding master who encouraged her to develop this skill in New Zealand. Two years later, that french girl turned up at Syam's door!

Thanks to this weekend, I came back feeling renewed, trust in the journey I am on. And going for more! Plans to go back is there. Maybe a creative holiday with them. Anybody wanna come with? :)

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