Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Collective Arts Event & Royal Brunei Air Fundraiser

 We were invited by The Collective to participate in the fundraiser event held at the Royal Brunei Recreational Club for the local Breast Cancer support group and YASKA Brunei (Children Cancer support group).  My partner in crime and I decided to come up with a pink book series where ALL of the sales from those books, we give to the fundraiser. We also added, sales from our non pink books, 50% will go towards them as well.

 We did this in memory of our late grandmother who passed away of cancer when our parents were still small. In memory of our favourite late aunt who passed away of breast cancer not so long ago. In memory of my husband's cousin who passed away last year leaving behind her children and husband. And to the survivors of relatives and friends who faught the battle and won... maybe minus a breast or two... *grin* **battle scars**
 We came out in full force, pretty much all the books we had between us. (And furiously finishing as many pink books as possible prior) And our table set up all awesome like, our mantra was, attract attract attract! So that's half the battle won, get them over to our table and buy buy buy! More buying means, more funds we raise :D

 We had people coming up very surprised to hear all the books were made by us. We had people who came looking specifically for us. We had people who came up and said they wished they didn't wait as the book they wanted was already gone. We had people who kept coming to the table several times and finally bit the bullet and bought. We had a mum who bought three in one go, one for her and one each for her daughters. We had people buying for early christmas presents. We We talked about our books, the type of binding each have, the workshops we can do, and promote our retreat coming up end of November.

This picture was taken half way through the afternoon and our pink books were flying! (Also table fully decorated) We moved whatever that's remotely pink from our non pink side to the pink side just to fill up the space the bought pink books left behind. We were on our feet all afternoon, taking sales, wrapping books, curling ribbons, thank you labels.

By the end of the day, I was only left with three A6 size secret belgian pink books, which two I had already given to friends who were survivors themselves.

We raise so much more than we expected and felt very proud of what we achieved to do. We thank The Collective for inviting us to participate and the wonderful set up of the place. We thank the people that came to the event. We thank those that bought our books. We thank you and are thankful. We exchanged our materials, time, effort and skills to raise as much as we could and we couldn't achieve that without your support.

Beautiful books for people with beautiful souls, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts <3 p="">

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